Corporate Policy of UkrSib Asset Management

Corporate policy at JSC “AMC PFA UkrSib Asset Management” is regulated by the following documents:

1. Code of Ethics

This document incorporates the main principles that are followed by the employees of the company:

  • honesty, loyalty and transparency in actions;
  • respect to others;
  • obedience to laws, regulations, rules of procedure and professional standards;
  • obedience to instructions;
  • client care;
  • awareness of market transparency;
  • management of conflict of interest;
  • professionalism;
  • protection of company interests;
  • infraction reporting.

2. General policy of conflict of interest

This document highlights the procedure the company follows to identify and handle conflicts of interest and how to prevent them.
The policy aims to make fair decisions on conflicts of interest, reputation protection, honesty and interests of AMC, as well as to win clients’ and employees’ trust and confidence in the company.

3. Statute of inner control

This document stipulates the main principles and outlines the system structure of internal control at AMC.
The purpose of internal control is organization of a complex risk control and provision of strategic goals of the company. Risk control lies in identification, assessment, organization of effective control aimed at risk elimination and its further monitoring.

Effective internal control reflects the confidence of the company in:

  • efficient and effective transactions;
  • correctly fulfilled transactions;
  • verifiable financial statements;
  • major risk prevention as a result of risk management;
  • obedience to regulatory requirements, internal policies, and procedures.