Our Partners

The following major Ukrainian companies operating in the finance sector are among the partners of AMC “UkrSib Asset Management”:


UkrSibbank registered in June 18, 1990. UkrSibbank is one of the largest banks in Ukraine. By constantly diversifying the spectrum of its financial instruments, “UkrSibbank” offers a full range of banking services gradually realizing a tailor-made approach principle for each client – “Understanding all. Valuing everyone”. AMC “UkrSib Asset Management” is incorporated in UkrSibbank financial corporation offering its asset management services to both current customers and prospects of the Bank.

Self-regulatory organization

Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB) is a self-regulatory organization of professional stock market players, founded in April, 1995. Its main objective is to promote stock market development in Ukraine, protect the investors’ rights, and increase the professional standards of investment business. UAIB unites more than 100 professional stock market players working in asset management and joint investment sector. Since May, 1998 the Association has been the representative office of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EVCA). AMC “UkrSib Asset Management” is the member of the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business.


Securities market operator

"Ukrainian Exchange" (JSC "Ukrainian Exchange") - Stock Exchange of Ukraine founded in 2008. Functions of Stock Exchange are foollowing: providing regular functioning of the organized market of securities and derivatives.
On the "Ukrainian Exchange" the following instruments are available for professional market participants: stocks, bonds, government bonds, investment certificates, futures and options.



ING Bank Ukraine is a 100%-foreign-capital incorporated in ING Group, founded in the Netherlands, and is one of the biggest financial groups in Europe. ING Bank Ukraine is a full-fledged bank that provides a wide range of services. In particular, ING Bank Ukraine is one of the biggest securities custodian in Ukraine, UkrSib funds are among its clients.

Securities market operator

“First Stock Trading System” (PFTS) Association is the largest self-regulatory organization (SRO) of professional players on the Ukrainian stock market. The Association owns a trade and information system “PFTS” that is essentially an “electronic” securities stock exchange. This is the most efficient stock trading floor in Ukraine that deals with more than 90% of trading volume of the organized securities market of Ukraine. PFTS trades securities in the national electronic system online.


Ukrainian Institute of Stock Market Development of Kyiv National Economy University (UISMD) is a higher education institution of the IV level of accreditation that trains stock market specialists. This is a training center of the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market, an associated editorial office and a publisher of official publications of the Commission: Securities of Ukraine Newspaper, Securities of Ukraine Newsletter, Stock Market of Ukraine Magazine. AMC “UkrSib Asset Management” and UkrSibbank cooperate with UISMD in training of stock market specialists.


Investfunds Information resource is the project of the Cbonds.ru information agency, dedicated to investment funds in Ukraine. The web site offers its visitors free information allowing a wide circle of participants concerned to make use of it, thus making the Investfunds web site a unique tool of providing information to the participants of mutual investment.