Analytics and Reporting

Private Joint Stock Company - Pension Fund Administrator “UkrSib Asset Management” offers analytical support to its clients. Our analytical materials will inform you about the most important actual events, basic trends on the financial and real estate markets of Ukraine and in the economy in general. On your request we could provide you with the detailed information about the state of the investment funds managed by AMC. You can receive the analytical materials by e-mail (having previously subscribed for this option), or directly from the site in section “Analytics”. The analytical materials archive is presented in the corresponding section.

Analytical Review
Digest (March 2013) (89.95 kB)

Digest (January 2013) (89.43 kB)

Digest (November 2012) (91.31 kB)

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Funds' Reports
Fund report "Stable Income 2" (54.85 kB)

Fund Report "Real Estate Fund" (54.70 kB)

Fund Report "Dynamic Income" (56.06 kB)

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