Purchase of investment certificates

The purchase of investment certificates at UkrSibbank branches

It will take about half an hour to arrange a purchase of investment certificates.
The operating hours at bank branches to complete a deal: from 12 am to 15.30 pm.

Documents required to make a deal:

  1. a passport and an identity code;
  2. rules (agreement conditions);
  3. an application for an investment certificate;
  4. a confirmation letter;
  5. an order for the custodian (if the securities account is opened at UkrSibbank).

All documents (apart from a passport and identity code) are printed out from the software and signed by the client.
After a deal has been completed, the investment certificate holder shall store the following documents: rules, an application, and a confirmation letter that certifies the deal.

Documents required to open a securities account at UkrSibbank:

  1. a passport and identity code;
  2. an application of the individual;
  3. an application for the securities account;
  4. an agreement to open a securities account;
  5. Appendix №1and 2 to Agreement, tariffs;
  6. a notification of adding the client to the database of UkrSibbank;
  7. an agreement on personal data processing (in compliance with a new Law “On personal data processing”);
  8. a notarised client’s sample signature.

All documents (apart from a passport, identity card, and a notarised client’s sample signature) are printed out from the software and signed by the client.