Youth Invest

«We invest in the youth – the youth invest themselves, respectively»

Webinars for students

What will I learn during a webinar?

  • how to manage personal finances
  • about financial markets
  • economic processes
  • advantages and convenience of investments
  • investment funds
  • an asset management company
  • how to raise capital

Why is it to necessary to know? Why should I know it?

  • to be aware of all the possible financial opportunities
  • to manage personal finances
  • to overcome financial difficulties
  • to feel confident in a changeable environment (the market constantly alters)
  • to adjust to changes
  • to eliminate risks
  • to learn about the most successful Ukrainian employers and understand their business specifications

What benefits can I get?

  • manage personal finances
  • invest myself
  • consult and advise others
  • run a business

Why via webinars?

  • convenient and up-to-date
  • functional interface
  • easy to connect
  • convenient time
  • accessible from any place with the Internet available
  • not time-consuming – webinars are less than 1 hour long
  • free

If you want to participate in the project, send an application to with a theme “An educational project for students” or call at (044) 537-50-56